San Jose Hospital at Hermosillo provides comprehensive care to their users, attached to high standards of quality and warmth.

It is always committed to continuously improving their processes, basedon a culture of service, advanced technology, specialized medicaland technical staff, making them an excellentchoice for health care. The hospital is integrated by 120 clinical specialists and subspecialists of the various branches of medicine.

The hospital has 60 rooms and suites, 5 operating rooms, 3 LPR rooms, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and a 24 hour Emergency Medical Unit.

Microscope Leica M720 OH5

San Jose Hospital always at the forefront, this device has one of a kind in all Latin America.

The most modern Microscope with significant impact in several areas of Medicine:

  • Plastic Surgery: reconstruction of nerves, tendons and others tissues (especially facial).
  • Ear-nose and throat: offers a higher quality of vision for the entire surgical team increasing accuracy during surgery.
  • Orthopedics: specifically in the spine and peripheral nerves surgery.
  • Angelology: in blood vessels reconstruction.
  • Neurology: detects and precisely removes tumors.

The patient will have the certainty that San Jose Hospital of Hermosillo counts with best technology for the right treatment of your health in the different branches of the medicine. Overall, this microscope increases security during procedure since it lowers surgery time and risks.