MD. Rafael Iñigo Pavlovich, PhD, FACS
Orthopedics. Specialized in knee surgery

Total Knee Replacement, Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate ligament Repair, Meniscal Transplant, Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair, Cartilage Autotransplant.

Associated to Bio5 Institute University of Arizona. Honorary Researcher of University of Sonora. The author of many influential articles published in prestigious journals as well as member of the editorial board of several major Journals such as J. of Arthroscopy, International Orthopedics, Archives of Orthopedics and trauma surgery, J. of Knee surgery, Orthopedics, Acta Orthop Mexicana. He continues to initiate cutting-edge developments in orthopedic surgery, most recently in his work with radio- frequency pulses, an advanced technique with international acceptance.

He is an active member of international societies like the International Cartilage Repair Society in which he has recently being appointed as an associate editor of the journal of Cartilage.

  • MD. Iñigo speaks several languages and has traveled and practiced in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.
  • MD. Iñigo is the recipient of national honors from several countries, including Mexico his homeland, and the United States.
  • Winner of several research prizes, including a National Science and Technology award, and a National Sports Medicine Award from the Catholic Murcia University in Spain.
Dr Iñigo
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