Who is Intermed?
INTERMED is an American company created with the principle of assisting people through the process of exploring options for medical services in Mexico through Medical Tourism.
Intermed’s experienced and qualified staff will assist the patient to explore the best options for medical services, and support him/her every step of the process: from the moment the patient inquires about Medical Tourism, during the trip to have the procedure done, and to the moment the patient is back home. Intermed selected a large range of highly qualified medical professionals, hospitals and clinics in Mexico, to be part of Intermed’s portfolio. The selection was done through a discriminatory process of evaluation and requirements designed to meet the high and strict standards imposed by Intermed, in order to offer the patient the best alternatives.
Why are we different?
We are striving to become the major medical intermediary in Mexico by providing the most inclusive package of services to our clients. Our efforts are aimed to attain our clients’ satisfaction by anticipating their needs, recognizing their personal interests, and making their medical experience as pleasant as possible.

We do not sell a destination, we provide a complete service:

  • Don’t worry about language or cultural differences; all of our staff end medical professionals are bilingual and bi-cultural.
  • Intermed takes care of your trip logistics and planning.
  • A case manager will be assigned to you to assist you with anything you need during the whole process.
  • We value your privacy and handle your information in a secure way.
  • We provide you with a check-list so you don’t forget a thing.
  • If you and/or your companion have a hobby, or need an additional service as gym or beauty salon, we supply you with a full catalogue of low cost and high-quality services you can enjoy during your trip.
  • INTERMED will make sure you receive a 1st class service during your whole medical tourism experience.